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Welcome to our Online Workshops

We believe in personalized instruction and a focused learning environment. With our online painting classes, Rose Tanner offers a student-centric approach that fosters growth and skill development. You will receive full guidance and support as you learn Rose's signature techniques and dive deep into painting birds, mastering color for realism, getting started with oil painting or doing it all of the above! With easy-to-follow lessons and constructive critique, Rose Tanner Art is the perfect place to learn at your own pace.

What are you interested in?

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Joani Stotler

I'm so glad to have joined your Online Workshop! You've already addressed the toughest thing for me, it's correctly reading color value. …I’ve ordered my color charts and really enjoying the process and taking in all the wonderful tips you share with the class! 🤓😊👍💕

Karen  Burns

What a great class this is! Very happy that I found your course.You have a lovely voice and great instruction to follow along.

Trish Labuda

Rose Tanner changed my art path…I am a much better painter because of lessons from Rose and my confidence has soared.

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