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Beginning, intermediate, oil and acrylic painters...

What if:

you could get into more shows, galleries or museums with paintings that honor your unique genius (instead of being disappointed and not raising your status as an artist )?

And what if:

you learned the technical skills needed to honor your creative ideas (instead of being frustrated  and wasting time")?

Color Paint Palette
Holding a Paintbrush

Color and Composition Bootcamp 

provides clear guides, strategy, and support so that you can begin to create paintings that help you to show and sell your work.

If you're like most painters I've had the pleasure of working with, chances are you'd love nothing better than to share more of your genius with the world. 

the problem is...

You have brilliant ideas and great taste, but once you get to the middle stage of the painting, your confidence takes a dives. You tell yourself it's better to start over and you justify abandoning another painting. The idea get's left behind and you judge yourself for waisting time and materials.

You feel overwhelmed by the technical aspect of drawing, design, color mixing, brushwork and style.

You're stuck in a perfectionism loop. Your high expectations keep you studying and watching what others create, rather than experimenting, and finding the joy in your own work.

You're trying to change your style or paint a new genre but when the work doesn't meet your expectations, you become blocked. You don't want to spend the time creating another failed painting so you avoid the studio like the plague. 

You're signed up for so many free art courses, each of these shiny objects beckons, distracting you from doing the truly essential first work of building essential skill and having a solid plan to move forward.


Art Store

How would it feel...

to create paintings that spotlights your unique genius, gets you into the shows, galleries or museums you've always wanted and increases your sales?

Here's what that looks like...

You're clear on yours goals as an artist and you have a strategic path to get there.

You're inspired by creating a new series of paintings that has meaning and allows your brilliance to shine.

Your knowledge of value and value pattern helps you create compositions with visual impact that gets jurors voting you in and up the scale.

You love the color and life in your paintings. You feel more confident in color mixing and palette knife work because you have committed to a palette that works the magic into your paintings. Color becomes like a language you can't wait to tell a story in. 

Artist Studio2

You hunt down color temperature in your subject and use it in your paintings. You see those sparks of cool, saturated color in the transition zones between light and dark and you include them in your painting, The jurors think you really know what your doing.

You can't wait to see the next painting unfold because even if it fails, your new attitude has you excited about the process rather than the finished piece. Those "bad hair days", in the studio are less frequent and you have more confidence to work through the challenges.

Once you've created your new series, your proud to shop it around to galleries, enter shows or sell on social media.

It’s time to finally get down to the game-changing work of upgrading your skills but it depends on doing things differently.

Take the guesswork out of becoming the artist you've dreamed with The Painter's Masterclass. We use a Three Pillar approach to level up your painting practice.

Here's how this course works:

Pillar 1 -  Growth Strategy

A big part of your success as an artist, has to do with your state of mind and approach to creativity.  We set goals, review your work and give you a customized action plan that will set you on to a course to develop paintings you'll be proud to show and sell. You will create a series of paintings (5 to 7 paintings) that has meaning and inspires you to paint everyday.

Pillar 2 - Color and Composition Deep Dive

The key to creating paintings with impact depends on your knowledge of  light, color, edges and composition, these are all explored in short videos with exercises to make them stick. You will know how to work the dark side of your painting so that the light colors appear brighter and more beautiful. Color mixing confidence and knowing how to use color temperature will set your paintings apart. You will see what a jurors look for in a painting and know how to impress them.


Pillar 3 Practice 

Squash fear with confidence. A musician doesn't sit down and expect to play like Mozart, he practices. The exercises throughout this masterclass are designed to build one skill on top of the other bringing the confidence you need to create paintings you love. Build a series of paintings around an idea or cause that you love and discover why it's the best type of practice to push you to the next level.


Imagine your skill level after you complete these six steps...

Step 1 

Studio practices, goal setting and planning a new series of paintings.


In step one we look at studio practices and the materials you can use to get professional looking results in your paintings.

We ask important questions about why you create and we set your goals as an artist. 

You plan to create 5 - 7 paintings, that has personal meaning and adds purpose to your painting practice. We will learn how to prepare for a ten foot exhibition space so that you're ready for any opportunity.

Why this works:
Step one is about getting prepared. Knowing why you create helps you focus on what's important to you. Painting with purpose is inspiring and gives you a reason to get better.

Committing to a series of paintings, as if a show is in your future, will force you to improve and finish your paintings to a higher level even if you're just beginning.

Step 2 

Get your work reviewed by an Art Coach/Juror and receive a plan to help you improve.

Working from Home

In step two, I will review 3 paintings of your best work and send a video file with a plan to help you improve.  This course also includes one free follow up review with three paintings from your series. You can also purchase additional coaching.

Why this works:
An art coach gives you practical instruction relevant to you and helps motivate you to improve.

Having a juror review your work, saves you time by helping you know what jurors looks at when it comes to your work. 


Step 3 

Learn how to work the dark side of your painting and create amazing compositions with value pattern.

Still Life.jpg

Learn to see your subject correctly and discover four tools that can help you truly see value to avoid dull, middle tone paintings.

Discover how to achieve harmony and balance in your paintings by understanding composition and how important value pattern is to your paintings.

Practice the value scales with a quick warm-up exercise and become familiar with the ten values available to you as an artist.

how to use thin transparent dark colors to create lifelike effects in your paintings.You will explore Transparent Oxide Brown and Cobalt Blue and begin to see how easy it is use color temperature in your dark areas. 

Still Life - Learn how you can set up and light your own Still Life for painting. You'll also discover why Still Life is an essential part of building skills for your art practice. Learn while you paint a simple black and white object with transparent oxide brown and cobalt blue so that you can practice value and color temperature. 

Value Pattern -  Discover the secrets of creating paintings with impact through the use of value pattern and working with light. We study the masters and learn how to use light and shadow to create stunning compositions.

Why this works

Still life provides unparalleled learning opportunities. Knowing how to quickly and easily bend your dark color warm or cool will make a dramatic difference in your paintings.

Knowing how to create a painting with impact by using value pattern and composition will level up your paintings. 


Step 4 

Get To Know Every Color On Your Palette with the Color Charts


In step four you dive into the color charts, let's mix things up.

You'll learn to mix all the colors on your palette with each other.  You will improve your color mixing skills tremendously and log major mileage onto your palette knife. 

You'll be taught how to mix 140 color mixes and 616 Values from those mixes. We assure you that the learning and the resources will prove invaluable to you as an artist.

Why this works
Doing these charts is the fastest way to color mixing confidence. Imagine how much faster you'll mix color after 756 mixes, the practice and discoveries you make with the charts are invaluable.


Step 5 

Learn how to work the light side of your palette with masterful mixes and color temperature.

Mix Yellow.jpg

Learn out how to darken and desaturate yellow, orange, green and red with done for you color mixing templates and exercises that take ten minutes.

Paint along and implement the mixing strategies on a simple sphere exercise that will show you how light effects your subject and how to render believable forms.

Take a deep dive in color temperature and examine color temperature while you paint apples.

Discover the tricks in working with difficult reds. Learn how to make red and purple warm or cool. Know how to make your colors look lighter by darkening the surrounding colors to avoid dull paintings. 

Explore Viridian and find out how to make cool or warm dark greens along with beautiful grays.

Learn techniques in Brushwork, Painting and Edges. Paint a Still Life painting with red and green apples or work from the photograph provided. 

Why this works
You'll find our templates to be an invaluable resource for color mixing strategies. They are the mixes I use all the time and will give you a jumpstart on beautiful realistic color.

Color temperature will help you make color mixing decisions faster and bring more life and interest to your paintings. 

Step 6 

Paint Birds - Learn how to work with photographs. Discover techniques in brushwork, edges, color mixing, color temperature and painting realistically

Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 2.18.19 PM.png

The course includes all my bird painting demonstrations.

Learn two different methods of transferring an image to the canvas.  You will also be taught how to draw using the Grid Method.

Learn how to paint a Northern Cardinal. This step-by-step, full-length video teaches you how to paint bird portraits from start to finish. You will be taught techniques for creating realistic, feathers, eyes and beaks. This demonstration also shows you how to create a Rembrandt-style background.

Learn how to paint a Blue-winged Warbler. You will be taught techniques for creating realistic, feathers, eyes, and beaks. This demonstration also shows you how to create a colorful portrait-style background.

Paint a Barn Owl

This fun workshop, explores drawing, brushwork, color mixing and many other techniques. You will learn a more advance color mixing method of how to create beautiful colorful whites.


Why this works

Painting along with these three bird painting tutorials will show you how to create expressive eyes. It will reinforce how to use thin colorful under paintings and how to identify and mix for color temperature.


You will learn more ways to suggest detail and how to create interest and style by using your edges.

Joani Stotler

I'm so glad to have joined your Online Workshop! You've already addressed the toughest thing for me, it's correctly reading color value. …I’ve ordered my color charts and really enjoying the process and taking in all the wonderful tips you share with the class! 🤓😊👍💕

Karen  Burns

What a great class this is! Very happy that I found your course.You have a lovely voice and great instruction to follow along.

Trish Labuda

Rose Tanner changed my art path…I am a much better painter because of lessons from Rose and my confidence has soared.



Color mixing recipes that work for  realism.

  • 30 Videos

  • Color Mixing Templates

  • Painting Exercise

  • Ebooks

  • Feedback


Templates, demonstrations and exercises to make it stick. You will learn a great deal about color mixing and also put those needed miles on your brush with intense practice.


Create paintings you'd be extremely proud of, you will have to work hard, but in the end, it’ll be worth it. Arm yourself with the secrets of amazing color and begin to build your portfolio today.




Rose is a professional artist who dedicated years of her life to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve oil painting techniques.


She has several art awards to her credit, has worked in museums, galleries, and with various national and international shows. She is passionate about painting and inspiring people to find their own creative voice.


As a Juror, Art Teacher and Certified Life Coach, she enjoys sharing the color mixing and painting systems she has developed over time to help hundreds of artists become the artists they always dreamed.

"If you give creativity the power to lead...anything can happen."


So what will it be?

Will you build your skills step by step and come out on the other side with more confidence and a new body of work?

I want you to know that I truly believe it's possible for you to start creating your own distinctive, beautiful paintings you'll be proud to show and sell.

The Painters Masterclass provides a roadmap, and I'd love nothing more than to be your guide.


But whether or not you now decide to invest in yourself and your expertise, I urge you to hang onto this dream. You deserve it.

I’m SO appreciative of your trust in me, and sincerely hope to be able to teach you inside the Painters Masterclass.

Rose Tanner - Oil On Linen 11 x 14

"It is my goal for you to know color so well that it will help you express your creative voice in ways you never thought possible". 

Best Value

Painter Masterclass



The Color and Composition Bootcamp

Valid for 3 years

Personal Feedback and Coaching

Assistance with Series Development

Instant Access to 30 Hours of Video Instruction

Skill Building Painting Exercises

Easy Color Mixing Solution Templates

Includes All Items in "The Paint Birds Workshop"

Money-Back Guarantee


Your satisfaction is my number one priority. If the course isn't working for you, just send me an email within seven  days and I will refund your purchase less processing fee.

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