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Paint A Barn Owl

Paint A Barn Owl

Join us in this fun online workshop and Paint A Barn Owl, we  explore brushwork, color mixing and many other techniques.


Learn these 5 important lessons throughout the 3 hour video: 

How to create expressive eyes

How to use thin colorful under paintings for realism

Identify and mix for color temperature

Suggest detail learn what to leave out

Learn how to create interest and style by using your edges


Step by step instructions, walk you through techniques in drawing, painting, brushwork and color mixing. Bird portraits are very satisfying to paint because they are easier, and you get to show the bird's expression.


By the end of these tutorials, you will know how to complete a bird painting from start to finish. You will be able to read your subjects correctly and know how to work with the dark colors on your palette so that the light colors appear brighter and more beautiful.


3.5 Hours of Instruction.

Prices in USD


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