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Lets Paint Birds!

Join our online painting workshops and discover how to mix crazy, realistic color.


Paint along with the video and learn how to create lifelike birds or take a Painting Masterclass with a step by step action plan to get you closer to realism.

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Learn how to paint realistic birds even if you're just beginning.

Enjoy step by step, full length videos that teaches you how to draw and paint bird portraits from start to finish.  This workshop will suit beginning / intermediate oil painters. (acrylic painters welcome)

You will be taught how to work with oil paints (acrylics welcome) including techniques for realistic feathers, eyes, beaks and talons (feet). I’ll also show you how to create portrait style backgrounds.

Join us now and get a copy of our free 63 page E-book that walks you through each step in print!

I'm all about you learning how to mix beautiful color

If you want to mix vibrant colors, these workshops can help.  When I first started painting my work was rather dull, middle tone, and no matter how much detail I put into a piece, it was just missing something.


Color mixing became an obsession for me.  After studying at the Academy of Art University and many workshops with the masters, I learned a painting method that works, and I want to share it with you.


Once I learned the method, I began getting into galleries, museums, and commissions come in from my website. Now I paint with a fun curiosity and excitement as the work unfolds. I can honestly say that I love every minute in the studio.


Join us for our in-depth Color and Painting Masterclass so that you can begin to create paintings you'll be proud to show and sell.


Get access to the workshop now!

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Painting Birds Online With Rose

In this workshop, we paint a portrait of Henry, the Northern Cardinal and a Blue-winged Warbler. Bird portrait paintings are rewarding because they are easier, faster to paint, and show the bird's expression. Then we move on to a painting a more complex bird, the Prothonotary Warble where you can learn how to paint the talons and simple habitat.

Learn how to create realistic eyes, beaks, talons and feathers. I use these tutorials to show you how to work with the dark colors on your palette so that the light colors appear brighter and more beautiful. You will also learn how to make subtle shifts of colors.

Along with the complimentary E-book, this workshop is a comprehensive guide on how to draw and paint realistic birds. 

1- Comprehensive Videos

The videos in this workshop showcase several concepts of drawing and painting. It is a complete step-by-step guide of how to paint realistic birds.


2- Complimentary E-book

The contents of the complimentary E-book includes the enumeration of all the steps taken to paint the birds realistically with various explanation and suggestions on how to improve your technique. 

3- Includes Free Use of Images

The workshop includes complimentary use of the images for you use at your discretion. 

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Meet Your Instructor

Rose is an award-winning, a professional artist who has dedicated years of her life to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve oil painting techniques. She loves the outdoors and studying birds. 

Rose has worked with museums, galleries, and various national and international shows. She juries and sits on the board of directors for the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Rose enjoys sharing the color mixing and painting systems she has developed over time to help hundreds of painters become the artists they always dreamed.

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Here's your materials list.

I recommend using the best possible materials even as a beginner, it makes painting easier!

Oil Paint: Cobalt Blue Light, Transparent Oxide Brown is best, or Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Cadmium Yellow Deep (optional) Titanium White

Brushes, (buy quality brushes, it will make your painting process easier)
2 - 3 Fine Detail, Round Brushes Small, 1 Small Soft Blender Brush

3 - 4 Flat Brushes Small, Medium, and Large Size

1 Medium Soft Blender Brush, 1 Medium Soft Blender Fan Brush

Oil Primed Panel or Canvas Best Quality: 10 x 10 or 9 x 12

Gamsol for brush Cleaning, Walnut Oil (optional), Paper Towels, Palette and Palette Knife, Paint Scrapper and Easel


Get access to Painting Birds now!

Don't forget, you get immediate access to:

  • Step-by-step comprehensive videos on how to draw and paint realistic birds.

  • 6 hours of tutorials that guide you through working with photographs, techniques on color mixing, oil painting, brushwork, and how to paint realistically.

  • A complementary 63-page E-book that includes the complete step by step guide for this workshop


Best Value

Paint Birds Workshop



Learn How To Paint Realistic Birds

Valid for 3 years

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