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I'm all about Creativity and Color


Upon completion of my classes, you will see that hard work pays off. You will be exposed to new methods of learning and see a significant improvement in your paintings.


If you want to mix realistic color, these workshops can help. When I first started painting my work was rather dull, middle tone, and no matter how much detail I put into a piece, it was missing something.  


Color mixing became an obsession. After studying at the Academy of Art University and many workshops with the masters, I learned a painting method that works.

Once I learned the method, I began getting into galleries, museums, and commissions from my website. Now I paint with a fun curiosity and excitement as the work unfolds. I can honestly say that I love every minute in the studio.

Join us for our in-depth Color and Painting Challenge

Introducing The Creativity and Color Seven-Day Painting Challenge

Get Inspired, Get Painting, Get Results.

Watch the video to find out more.


No webinars to convince you to join, just sign up for free and start building your skills. We offer structure, video tutorials and exercises focused on creativity, color and painting.


Our step-by-step approach allows you to build skills and gain confidence in your painting practice. This challenge will suit beginning oil painters but acrylic painters are welcome. 

Holding a Paintbrush

Our Free Creativity and Color: Painting Challenge is the perfect opportunity to engage in the painting process, express your ideas and discover your unique style. We firmly believe that anyone can learn the art of painting, and we’re excited to be a part of your artistic journey. Join us today and start your art journey.

Seven Days to Better Paintings

Get Started Painting Realistic Birds

Discover the secrets of painting birds with our free ebook. Learn how to paint realistic eyes, beaks and feathers. Our ebook brings you six easy-to-follow steps that outline everything you need to know to paint lifelike birds.

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Experience The Magic of  The Creativity and Color Challenge 

Get Inspired, Get Painting, Get Results.

Join our Free Seven-Day Painting Challenge. 

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