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My classes are geared towards curious and hard-working students who are looking for an engaging learning environment.


Before signing up for a free or paid class, please take a moment to review some of the additional benefits of taking my class. If you have any questions, contact me today.

I'm all about you learning how to paint  beautiful color


Upon completion of my classes, you will see that hard work pays off. You will be exposed to new methods of learning and see a significant improvement in your paintings.


If you want to mix realistic color, these workshops can help. When I first started painting my work was rather dull, middle tone, and no matter how much detail I put into a piece, it was missing something.  


Color mixing became an obsession. After studying at the Academy of Art University and many workshops with the masters, I learned a painting method that works.

Once I learned the method, I began getting into galleries, museums, and commissions from my website. Now I paint with a fun curiosity and excitement as the work unfolds. I can honestly say that I love every minute in the studio.

Join us for our in-depth Color and Painting Masterclass, take a the Bird Painting Workshop or sign up for a free class and bring your work up to the next level.


Color Transformation Bootcamp

What if you had a step by step plan to master color mixing & painting so that you can begin to build your portfolio and sell your work?


Painting Birds

Learn how to paint realistic birds even if you're just beginning. Enjoy step by step, videos that teaches you how to draw and paint bird portraits from start to finish.  


A La Carte Videos

Paint along and learn how to create lifelike birds or take the Color Confidence Workshop and begin your journey to realistic color mixing.

6 Steps to Realistic Paintings
Learn the top lessons to creating realistic paintings. Download a 30 page guide filled with techniques and skill building exercises that will improve your paintings, even if you're just beginning.  

Free Lessons

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