Would you like to paint professionally but not sure where to begin? This six-week masterclass is a step by step plan to master color & painting so that you can begin to build your portfolio without the confusion of what to do next.


Rose Tanner - Oil On Linen 11 x 14

"It is my goal for you to know color so well that it will help you express your creative voice in ways you never thought possible". 


This course will move you from feeling stuck and confused about color mixing to helping you build the confidence you need to start painting and create great color harmony. If you’re new to oil or acrylic painting; then this course was designed with you in mind.

When I jury for exhibitions; I look to see if the participants understand color temperature and apply them properly. By the end of this course, you would have mastered the principle and the techniques of color temperature.

Paint from life and explore how still life can help improve your painting practice. Paint birds to learn techniques for working with photographs and painting realistically.

This masterclass is seven-weeks of fun-filled, skill-building exercises to take you to the next level in your painting journey.


Module 1  - Value, Your Strongest Asset

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   Learn To See Your Subject Correctly - Discover the Four Tools that can help you see your subject correctly and avoid dull or  middle tone paintings.

   Understand Value Pattern - Achieve color harmony in all of your paintings by understanding value patterns and learning how to apply them.

✓  Practice Painting - Practice the Value Scales with a quick warm-up exercise and also learn about the ten Values that are available to you as an Artist.

Module 2 - Learn Color Mixing Fast And Get To Know Every Color On Your Palette

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✓  Introduction to the Color Charts - Understand why the Color Charts are an essential part of your growth as an Artist.  In this exercise, you will be taught how to mix 140 Color Mixes and 616 Values from those mixes. We assure you that the learning and the resources will prove invaluable to you as an Artist.

✓  Color Charts Demonstration #1 - Learn how to work with the Color Charts and discover how to mix the five Values with each mixture.

✓  Color Charts Demonstration #2 - Learn how to mix a dominant color with all the other colors and also how to mix the five Values from each mixture.

✓  Practice Painting  - Dive into the color charts, let's mix things up. You'll learn to mix all the colors on your palette with each other.  You will improve your color mixing skills tremendously and log major mileage onto your palette knife. 

Module 3 - Essential Darks, The Key To Brilliant Color

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✓  Colorful Darks - Learn how thin transparent dark colors can create lifelike effects in your paintings.


✓  Practice using the Essential Darks Template - Explore Transparent Oxide Brown and Cobalt Blue. Begin to see how easy it is use color temperature in your dark areas.

✓  Still Life - Learn how you can set up and light your own Still Life for painting. You'll also discover why Still Life is an essential part of building skills for your art practice. 

✓  Practice Painting - Learn while you create. Paint a simple black and white object while learning to use Value and Color Temperature. 

Module 4 - Masterful Mixes - Orange, Yellow And Green Color Mixing Strategies 

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✓  Light Colors - Learn color mixing strategies for light colors so that the dark colors will appear brighter and more beautiful.

✓  The Yellow Template - Find out how you can darken and desaturate the color Yellow using Yellow Ochre Pale, Transparent Oxide Brown, and Purple.

✓  The Orange Template - Learn to darken and desaturate Orange with Cobalt Blue, Transparent Oxide Brown and Cadmium Red.

✓  The Green Template - The Green Template - Discover how to lighten and desaturate green with Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Deep, And Transparent Oxide Red.

✓  Practice Painting  - You'll find our templates to be an invaluable resource for color mixing. Implement the mixing strategies on a simple sphere exercise that will show you the different types of light and how it effects your subject.