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Painting Workshops À La Carte

Lets Paint Birds!

Join our online painting workshops and discover how to mix crazy, realistic color.


Paint along with the video and learn how to create lifelike birds or take a light version of the Painting Masterclass called, "Color Confidence" with a step by step action plan to get you closer to realism.

I'm all about you learning how to paint  beautiful color


Upon completion of my classes, you will see that hard work pays off. You will be exposed to new methods of learning and see a significant improvement in your paintings.


If you want to mix realistic color, these workshops can help. When I first started painting my work was rather dull, middle tone, and no matter how much detail I put into a piece, it was missing something.  


Color mixing became an obsession. After studying at the Academy of Art University and many workshops with the masters, I learned a painting method that works.

Once I learned the method, I began getting into galleries, museums, and commissions from my website. Now I paint with a fun curiosity and excitement as the work unfolds. I can honestly say that I love every minute in the studio.

Join us for our in-depth Color and Painting Masterclass, or take a the Bird Painting Workshop and take your work to the next level.

Paint A Warbler Preview

This fun workshop, explores drawing, brushwork, color mixing and many other techniques.

Learn how to get an accurate drawing for your subject.


Practice painting realistic eyes, beaks, feathers and an easy background that has you looking like a pro.

ONLY $39

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Paint A Barn Owl Preview

This fun workshop, explores drawing, brushwork, color mixing and many other techniques.


Discover how to:

  1. Create expressive eyes

  2. Use thin colorful under paintings

  3. Identify and mix for color temperature

  4. Suggest detail, learn what to leave out

  5. Create interest and style by using your edges

ONLY $39

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Color Mixing Confidence Preview

This workshop is a light version of the Painting Master Class and includes 4 Modules with the key highlights.

2.5 Hours of Video Instruction

Studio Practices and Goal Setting.

6 Color Mixing Strategy Charts That Work For Realism

2 Still Life Demonstrations


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