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The Curious life of a bowerbird

Known as the playboy of the rainforest, bowerbirds build complex structures called bowers for the sole purpose of wooing a female. Besides their intelligence and human like behaviour, its how they decorate their bowers that intrigue me the most. You can only find Bowerbirds in Australia and New Guiana so I had to travel over 12,000 km for my field study of six of the twenty different bowerbird species. I visited seventeen bowers and did studies on the Toothbill, Golden, Green Cat, Great, Regent and Satin Bowerbirds. You will be learning a lot about the amazing Bowerbird over the next months as I do my best to interpret and paint these birds.This is my first study of a Bowerbird. I'm learning how to make the bowers (stick structure) and blend the materials they collect into the scene without making it to busy. ​Become a studio insider and signup for my updates on this fascinating bird.

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