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Spirit the Blind Eagle

This painting is of a blind golden eagle named, "Spirit", he was shot in the head and chest. After being rescued Spirit lived a long time at the Alberta Birds of Prey. When our daughter met Spirit she wondered how he could capture his food and survive. She wanted to help raise money too feed Spirit, so at the tender age of eight she started a campaign. Her plan worked and the story spread across Canada. She helped fulfill a dream for the founder of the Alberta Birds of Prey, Colin Weir. Colin wanted to inspire the minds of young people about nature and the positive difference they can make in the world. At a young age our daughter learned the joy of giving. Spirit passed away a few weeks ago but he will be in our hearts forever and we are grateful for the lessons he taught us. I tried hard on this painting. It took a long time to decide on the image and cropping as I had taken so many photos of Spirit over the years. I wanted to show his beauty and power. I hope I did him justice.

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