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Marsh Wrens

Marsh wrens are so cool. Gutsy little workaholics that scurry up and down lake reeds and cattails, building nest after nest, singing day and night at the top of their lungs. My favorite birds to paint show personality and speak to you more about the story behind the bird. The male will build several starter nests (22 nests were recorded by one male) in the hopes of locking down territory and attracting a female or two. More singing, more nest building, the funny thing is after showing the female his nests she may or may not be interested. She may even disregard his nest to build her own. ​I'm trying smaller compositions first to see if I want to translate the Marsh Wren to a larger painting. This painting is called, "If you build it they will come." Available 6 x 8 Oil on Linen

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