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Bowerbird Dance

One of the prize possesions of the Satin Bowerbird is a blue parrot feather. All three Satin Bowerbird bowers I visited was decorated with a Crimson Rosella parrot feather. Did you know the Archibold's Bowerbird from New Quinea will decorate his bower with the ornamental head plumes (feathers) of the King of Saxony bird of paradise to impress the females. The idea of a bird travelling a great distance to collect such a rare feather for swooning females is one of the reasons bowerbirds fascinate me. I was fortunate enough to witness a courtship display of the Satin Bowerbird. He danced using the light to show his indigo blue feather sheen, he showed his possessions by carefully picking th

The Curious life of a bowerbird

Known as the playboy of the rainforest, bowerbirds build complex structures called bowers for the sole purpose of wooing a female. Besides their intelligence and human like behaviour, its how they decorate their bowers that intrigue me the most. You can only find Bowerbirds in Australia and New Guiana so I had to travel over 12,000 km for my field study of six of the twenty different bowerbird species. I visited seventeen bowers and did studies on the Toothbill, Golden, Green Cat, Great, Regent and Satin Bowerbirds. You will be learning a lot about the amazing Bowerbird over the next months as I do my best to interpret and paint these birds.This is my first study of a Bowerbird. I'm learnin


I have always loved art and drawing.  I studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and then began working for a publishing house as a typesetter and layout artist.

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